Is there a big difference between Lo Poo and No Poo? I already have Devacurl No Poo. Should I try DevaCare (I have highlights) Lo Poo, even though my hair is dry? This is so confusing I apologize for asking the same questions more than once.

I did order a Jessicurl rich trial pack, which I can't wait to try.

I'll pick up Activate next time I'm at Ulta. None of the Rite Aid or Walgreens near me have it.

I wish I'd read reviews about Paves before I'd bought it.


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Low Poo is a non-sulfate shampoo, while No-Poo is a conditioner for washing, not a shampoo. You can use another conditioner for washing, if No-Poo is too expensive. I think you said your hair seemed to get overconditioned on CG, so you might want to try a less-rich conditioner than No-Poo for CO-washing. Many people (including myself) like inexpensive conditioners like Suave or V05 for this purpose.