so far its not hard,but twists out 2x a week are not my maybe once every while is hair loves braidouts however,and roller setting!!
I have only been going at it for 2months..and im so impatient!! lol I can't wait till next year to cut off my relaxed hair! I want my big natural hair back!! I'am also impatient to try Henna, but I want to do it when i BC. I got tired of relaxers...
I tried my best to to maintain healthy hair with one, but I think it was damaged too many times, and my natural hair texture just couldn't take it anymore..cause well yeah...I don't think its actually needed to sit in my hair for 30mins+ but tell that to 6 of my 7 past stylists..
I would've done the BC sooner, but sadly Ima length feign...or more cheek bones are too big and high so I just can't rock a twa.
So cheers to us ladies who decided to transition to natural!!