Hi everybody)
I feel so much better now that i see that i'm not the only one with the curly hair gone almost straight. I have a son, he is 20 months and my hair was curly type 3b up untill 5 months ago since i had a hair cut. My hair doesnt look like herself anymore and it has been very frustrating and i really dont know what to do with it. It is also falling out like crazy, so it has lost a lot of volume and it is still frizzy. I even went to check my blood to make sure everything is fine and it is but the hair is still worrying me. I'm seriously considering some kind of a short hair cut because all i do now is wear a ponytale i cant look at my hair now, it makes me cry.
Has anyone's curles came back afer becoming almost straight after pregnancy.
I wonder is there any hope for my hair i really miss it, i dont feel like myself anymore.

Thank you for listening)