This is where I'm torn.

You've got articles telling women with curly hair they should straighten it before an interview. The "Millionaire Matchmarker" telling curlies they should straighten so they could get a date. Then you read sentiments expressed like the ones in this post saying that white people as a whole don't really care how black people wear their hair. So who does this "straighten your hair for an interview/straighten your hair to get a date" "advice" apply to? Only 2's and 3's? Are 4's exempt? Or perhaps type 4 hair is so inconceivable to the "white world" that it's not even taken into account?
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I think I know where you're coming from... I'm a Puerto Rican woman in my 40s who stopped relaxing 2 years ago and did the BC about 9 months ago. Most people around me, whites, Latinos and especially black men whom I've never met before, have actually told me they like my new look. (It's mostly 3C with some 4A at the crown and front.)

I've been working with my mainly white coworkers for 3 years now, and they've gotten used to the change in my hair (I think). They know I'm still the highly professional and efficient employee they originally hired.

However, if I were fired today and had a job interview tomorrow (I'm in South Carolina)... I still ask myself, "Who's going to interview me? Should I flatiron before the interview? If I show up in my natural curls, would they think I'm as crazy as my curls? How will I be perceived?"

Honestly... at this age and stage in my hair, I really don't know...

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