all black women have curly hair
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I thought there were enough Black women with naturally straight or wavy hair.
Perhaps they're just rare in America. :dunno:
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They don't all have it but it seems to be less common, at least in this country. Its a misconception (by black ppl included) that all black ppl have curly hair. I thought that too before I joined NC.

This is where I'm torn.

You've got articles telling women with curly hair they should straighten it before an interview. The "Millionaire Matchmarker" telling curlies they should straighten so they could get a date. Then you read sentiments expressed like the ones in this post saying that white people as a whole don't really care how black people wear their hair. So who does this "straighten your hair for an interview/straighten your hair to get a date" "advice" apply to? Only 2's and 3's? Are 4's exempt? Or perhaps type 4 hair is so inconceivable to the "white world" that it's not even taken into account?
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I think one difference is that white ppl are less likely to come right out and say it. Whereas black ppl are more likely to be like "you need to do something to that hair!"

I think black ppl care more b/c of our own self hate about "afro textured hair."

As far as dates/interviews go, I think its pretty matter your culture/color, you get social pressure to straighten your hair for these types of events. I've heard this from friends with wavy-kinky hair. I think that's something we're socialized to believe. Its the whole idea that any kind of curly hair is somewhat unkempt.