Here's my 2 cents...for what it's worth ;D I feel sad when I see black women who straighten their hair..I love all the kinks and curls and when I see someone (anyone, any color, any race) sporting their curly hair, I mention it. I tell them that I like it. The only 'issue' I would have would be to encourage them to moisturize it more...I know I have that problem with mine and my understanding from friends who adopted black children is that it is more delicate and they have to be more gentle with it.

I also love seeing black women with the braids and then the curly braids. I KNOW that it is hard on their hair and can lead to receding hairlines...but it is always so pretty and so intricate and I'm probably envious. Periodically I see white women doing it and I just want to tell them to take the braids out, shave their heads, whatever. I seem it more as an ethic look and there is not a white woman on the planet who can carry it off. It could also be my perception, but I see these woman as very self-confident and stately. Could me me, but I admit that.

So, two cents from a white woman who has the nickname of 'fish belly white' from her husband....
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