Another 3c/4a checking in! A German curly to be exact
Right now my big problem is hair coming out in what i consider to be clumps when i detangle wet. I can literally just pull my hair out of my head. I don't really comb it in between washes so i'm wondeing if the amount i loose is normal - about a medium size handful at a time.

Any thoughts?
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How often do you wash/detangle your hair? And how long is it? Your hair looks quite long as far as I can tell from the avatar...long hair could also look like a lot of hair when it comes out.
My mother - who is a former hair dresser - always told me since I was a little girl that we shed more in autumn ...this could also be a reason.
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Hi GermanCurly,
Well, to be honest, about 4-5 months ago i went from washing and detangling only once a month, to every week! Maybe my hair just can't take it and i should go back to once a month!

My hair stretched out is mid-back length, just under my shoulder blades. I did the BC in 2004 and have been natural ever since. I have always co-washed, but that was it. Never did DT's, made my own moisturisers and never used stylers.

Then, I became pregnant in 2007 with my first baby and my hair started to misbehave. It became very , very VERY thickkkkkkk and dryyyyyyyy, but i did not shed at all. However, after my second baby 9 months ago, i started to shed like crazy. I actually stopped combing my hair casue i was terrified i would end up bald!

I just started getting comfy with my hair again about 4 -5 months ago and that is when i joined this forum.
hair type - definately 4a

wash - any baby shampoo

conditioning styler - homemade blend with shea, coconut, avocado mango, plam, castor, almond and essential oils

Hair pics