I am non-porous. I tried this technique this morning with really good results. My scalp tends to get very oily after cleansing my hair, but the rest of my hair fares well with regularly washing/conditioning, so this technique was pretty spot on with this problem. For some reason, for the last six months or so, my curl formation and definition have been increasing lacking. This technique brought my hair back to 3b spirally curls after they had fallen into the 2c category. Not to mention, my curls are actually SHINY and I have the body I used to!

Only thing I'm wondering is, how do you deal with your curls close to your head after you've hanged your head over for washing/conditioning and styling? Do you finger comb your curls down at the scalp a little before styling so the hair closest to your scalp isn't as messy? I was almost scared about what my hair would look like after I hanged my head over to wash/condition, then immediately kept it hanging over as I paper towel blotted and scrunched in my gel. After this, I flipped my head back over and had a mess at the top of my head. I was patient though, and didn't touch anything until it was dry, and after drying, the hair at the top of my head had laid down considerably. After it was dry I flipped my head back over and shook the hair at the roots with my fingertips to separate the hair closest to the scalp and help it lie down. It worked perfectly. No mess anymore.

I guess I'm just asking if there are any steps you should do with this method after getting out of the shower and before styling your hair.