I've never been able to determine my porosity using the various tests, but based on the fact that my hair slurps protein like crazy, I've decided that I must be porous.

I normally only wet my hair twice a week, so it's been slow going trying to test this method, but I think it's going to be a winner for me.

On Sunday nights I low-poo/PT/DT. The difference now is that 1) after I low-poo, I squeeze the water out of my hair several times before applying the PT, and 2) after I rinse out the PT I plop with a flour sack towel for 3-5 minutes before applying the DT (JC WDT).

On Wed nights, I do the regular S&C; lately I've been using Mop-C Hydrating conditioner.

I use a LOT of conditioner both times, but since I'm only applying twice a week, OC hasn't been a problem. And even though I'm applying more DT than before, there's nothing but a light film left in my plastic cap when I take it off, so it would seem that my hair is able to take up more of the DT than before.

Now that the dews have dropped, I'm using less gel than I do in the summer. I've also started using a small amount of KCKT for a LI.

I haven't seen a decrease in the air drying time; in fact, it seems to take LONGER to dry, in spite of using less gel. Maybe it's due to adding the KCKT, or maybe it's just because the house is cooler with the lower temps.

What I AM seeing, though, is NO FRIZZ, and much less prone to tangling. And the curls are more defined and hold up longer, even with less gel. I'm sure some of this improvement is related to the dews decreasing into the moderate range, but I feel that the S&C is making a big difference too.
Wavy, fine texture, med/high porosity (?), med density
2cFii on the Fia System

Current products
Low-poo: JC GLS or JC HCC
Co-wash: Suave Naturals Coconut (also do water-wash)
Rinse-out: AO GPB, Mop C Hydrating Conditioner
Leave-in: KCKT
Stylers: BB FSG, BRHG, JC Oil Blend, BB Hemp, Grapeseed, & Clary Sage Hair and Body Butter
Deep treatments: Nexxus Emergencee PT, Jessicurl WDT
Occasional ACV rinses

mod-CG since June, 2009