I swear, if KCKT ever goes away or changes formulations, I will cry like a 4 year old who lost her Halloween candy.
You forgot to add with rumples in her hair

another good report from RCC, WOOT WOOT!

Oh Miss Pamy! I'm tickled pink that you even tried this! I'm actually surprised that you could use LOOC as your conditioner! It's actually meant to be used as a LI. When I tried it last yr. as a rinse out it was YUK. Must be the fine hair on your head! Give it a try with another condish too! The Aura worked very nicely. I haven't had a condish not work well as long as it got ingredients that my hair likes.

This is so cool curlies from all lengths and textures with good results! Keep it going girls!!!
OTC-have you tried Lustrasilk again since your BC?? I can't imagine the Shea Mango not working for you as a DT now that your hair is healthy. The Shea may not absorb well as a LI because it's made for porous hair. I still prefer the Olive Oil as a LI. Unless it's the dead of Winter the Shea Mango weighs me down & then I'll rotate between the 2.
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