OTC-have you tried Lustrasilk again since your BC?? I can't imagine the Shea Mango not working for you as a DT now that your hair is healthy. The Shea may not absorb well as a LI because it's made for porous hair. I still prefer the Olive Oil as a LI. Unless it's the dead of Winter the Shea Mango weighs me down & then I'll rotate between the 2.
I used the Shea Mango for the pre-poo portion of the SC method some time last week, it left my hair feeling very rough when I was ready to shower. I'll try it again as an actual DT, though.

Today I did the SC after using the OOC as an overnight DT (very generous slathering). I added a little Nature's Gate (using it up) to help co-wash, then got in the shower and rinsed. My hair felt marginally conditioned (not the quality I expect from a DT). But it seems I mixed which Lustrasilk for the two tasks!

Today I'm leaving in GVP balm (well, the Walgreens kind), and I've been doing that with success for a couple weeks (that used to leave my hair SO producty feeling). Any thoughts on the switch?
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