OTC - I LOVE the Shea Mango, but I have to use heat with it. Even as a pre-poo. Maybe try it like that? Sometimes my GVP CB works better with heat too.

jpinilla - I think I understand what you're asking, so I'll answer about my own flat-top syndrome and what I do for it. I do everything upright as far as S&C and in the shower, and only once I start adding my LIs/stylers do I pick/comb out my hair upside down. My hair doesn't have any memory as far how it was rinsed (upside down or right side up). Also, the pre-poo conditioning is only done on the oldest parts of my hair (not the roots!) since I can get greasy roots otherwise. Does that help at all?
2aFii, low porosity, protein!
Color treated (blonde, but darned grays!)
COwash: Suave, V05, Salon Care Honey Almond
CO: GVPCB, LVNPG, GFTN, HSH Pumpkin, Aura Cherry Almond Bark
DTs: Lustrasilk SM, GVPCB
PTs: Aphogee 2-step, ION Effective Care inbetween
LIs/Stylers: Any of my COs, FSG, EcoStyler Krystal, LOOC, shea butter to SOTC