Congratulations ladies on deciding to transition and sticking it out.

I am a long term transitioner - or at least that's the plan. My last relaxer was April 2009 so I am officially just completing my 7th month!! I initially found it EXTREMELY frustrating dealing with the two textures, tangling, breaking, funky stringy ends, etc - but patience is a virtue. The more I deal with my hair, the easier it seems to get. I cant wait to have a head full of healthy, thick, natural hair but in the meantime, I'm falling in love with this new stuff growing out of my head )

I've never been shy about experimenting with my own hair. My go to style is twistouts/flat twist outs. I bantu knot the ends to counteract the straightness of the relaxed ends and I've been experimenting with pinning them up, wearing in a puff, adding flat twists in the front, side, etc.

My current goal is finding a good hair care routine and sticking with it - but these boards do nothing for my product junkie-ism

Most importantly and my best tip: I've been learning: listen to my hair and don't try to make it do what it don't!

Peace & Blessings