If I could get a job doing people's grocery shopping, I would!

I love to go to the store...find bargains, use coupons!

I don't get to do a good grocery run when I am traveling because I just can't buy food in that big of quanties because I end up throwing it out. Plus- since I moved- my parking spot vs. my front door is a lot farther... so it has to all make it all in with one trip

I have used Peapod and paid 3.95 for delivery. But only twice, and only to stock up on major heavy stuff... Actually, the delivery was free, because I had a 10.00 off 'first time customer' order, and now I have 5.00 off my second, third and fourth orders. I spent over 100.00- whic makes it go down to 4.95 delivery, picked an off time for deliver, whcih takes a 1.00 off, then applied my 5.00 to it.. so it was totally worth it to have all my can good staples; bottled water; drinks and laundry detergent brought to my door.