OK so I did it tonight.
I tried to spritz water with my spray bottle but its a pretty crappy spray bottle.
I ended up using a soaking wet wash cloth to dampen my hair. It worked pretty darn good.

I added some GVP condish balm and AOHR together.
Left it in my hair for an hour or so when the ends started to dry a bit I added more.
My hair absorbed the condish pretty good.

Rinsed it out and very little washed out.
It seemed to have absorbed. Felt great soft and moisturized.
Used some DevaCare loo-poo on my scalp and length. Followed with VO5 strawberry moisture combed out loose hairs. Almost no tangles. Added my products as usual.
Towel dryed w/t-shirt towel.
My hair looks curlier and feels really healthy.
I think it worked!!!

Thanks Del!
3a Long (waist) thick med course dry thirsty
Poo: Eulence moisture
Co-wash: GVP CB
Condish: GVP CB
LI: KBB nectar
Styler: CK CIAB
DT: Curl Junkie
Diffuse 70% dry
Location: Pompano Bch Florida