That was always my thought, Del. Even after washing and putting in your leave-in, you just plain have more condish on your hair (well, IN it). That would account for the extra softness people are reporting and the extra definition (I think I read some reports of increased definition).

And the decreased dry time for some (since the condish displaces the water).

I wonder if your pre-poo condish can be something you don't typically like as a rinse out? The only condish I've really liked for this is GVP balm, which is also my rinse out and my leave-in (I'm scared I'll overuse it and then it won't work for me anymore!!).
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It's weird though becuause for me using tons of condish the "normal" way totally works the opposite on me. I get weighed down and OC'd. My hair absorbs it better when it's damp.

Try S&C with one of your lighter conditioners or Lustrasilk and use the GVP as your final rinse out/LI like you've been doing. It's worth a try! IamDonna used VO5 and NO-POO as her final rinse outs. You certainly can play around with this.
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