MSNBC has it's own theory..

Who do you want and who do you think will win?

Some interesting points from the article..

Omarasa as a mole? Why would Donald jeopardize his own events? He loses money if things don't go well. He wants them both to succeed.

Kwame is a laid back people person. If you had the choice, who would you rather work for? Bill may have a good track record, but he's also very uptight. I wouldn't want him as my boss.

I would like to see Kwame win, but Bill does have the better track record. I guess it will come down to what The Donald is looking for in a boss. Are Kwame's people skills going to help him in the long run?
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- February 25, 2004

Aya. That's Aya spelled backwards.

Barack Obama for President in 2008!