How odd. Bounce and I see Kwame's handling of Omarossa completely differently. I don't remember him doing anything last week to correct the situation or get Omarossa in line. Did I miss something?
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Exactly! Rather than calling her out and focusing on what she did wrong, he just fixed the situation, and I'm sure intends to deal with her later. He needed to get the job done, and it seems like he did.

ETA - I'm just thinking about when he talked to the transportation people. Omarosa's all, "I'm not understanding where the misconfusion was, blah blah blah," and Kwame called them, took over, apologized, mended the situation and continued.

Omarosa shouldn't have to be watched - she's a competant person. She should take her task and deliver, and let Kwame know if she's having any problems.