im bengali and my mom has the most gorgeous curls i have ever seen, and she damages it alot! she hates her curls and flat irons it and brushes it out . i thought i had my dad's shiny straight hair until i turned 11 or 12 and my hair started to curl. i saw curly hair as a bad thing because of my mom and used to brush it out and wear it up or flat iron it. now i've finally learned to love my wavy/curly hair
Hair type- 2c
Low Poo- Giovanni TTTT
Conditioner- Nature's Gate Tea tree & blue cypress
Leave-In- Suave Naturals Tropical coconut/Aussie hair insurance
Stylers- HETT mousse, Cottonseed curlboost, HESMU spray gel, GF wet shine gel
Modified CG since March 2010!
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