I'm allergic to most metals and what you're describing is exactly what happens to me Alexjoujou.....I still use them just not that often. I always itch afterwards....and those bumps drive me nuts.
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Maybe that's the problem. I may need to cut my front hair a bit then..I don't have "bangs" but that's the hair that always is weird and in need of pinning...maybe shorter. I'll have to think about that.

Actually it makes sense as I don't wear much jewelry as it also tends to give me bumps..not everything but some things it seems more prevalent. Gold works fine but silver and copper seem to give me what looks similar to tiny hives if worn for an extended amount of time.

Thanks! I wonder if they make plastic bobby pins..I'm going to try the little claw clips Robin-in-FL mentioned too..I've seen the tiny ones and think they would work..and not be too noticable if I got them close to my hair color.
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I can wear gold but that's it.

Nickel silver is what I believe most bobby pins are made of....that's the worst for me. I've never found plastic bobby pins but have a TON of the same little claw clips that Robin mentioned that I use on a regular basis and they work well.

And you're very welcome.
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