tell me the truth guys- does your hair smell a bit? I like the idea of joining the no-poo movement, but I have to admit I'm a little hesitant.

Also I heard about someone who doesn't shampoo but uses a baking soda/vinegar rinse once a month. Do you guys think this is a good move for our curly locks?
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Before when I use to be CG my hair never stink because I wash it every other day or every few days.I rather wash my hair every week now because I don't want my hair to be wet all the time( I air day my hair and use a T shirt).Now I'm a modified CG(means to shampoo once in a while) but few months ago I decided to switch from a regular shampoo( mild shampoo that uses cleansers like coco betaine) to soap nut to wash my hair.I read that soap nuts are very gentle and it cleans very good.This is the soapnut that I have but I haven't use it as yet.
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