I really like both these guys, but I think Kwame deserves the prize. Bill is a great guy and a fabulous worker and gets things done, yadda yadda but frankly I would never want to work for him. He does not inspire his underlings to want to do a fantastic job. He is too jittery, nervous and wears his annoyance on his sleeve. He was very brusque (and borderline rude) when speaking to that woman about the storage issue. He has his hands in everything and micro-manages. He would be fine in a managerial position but as CEO, no -- he just stresses himself and everyone else out. Kwame knows how to keep his cool, inspires confidence in his workers and is excellent in face-to-face meetings with clients. His skill in dealing with The Donald in the boardroom along with his great relationships with his team members is what got him in the final two. I think those are the most important qualities in a leader. I like the way he handled Omarosa because he knows exactly how volatile she is and knew that harshly reprimanding her in front of the others was going to be detrimental to the entire team's effort. He is not the innovator that Bill is but I don't think that a CEO necessarily has to be. I also don't think that track records throughout the game are going to have much impact on tonight's result. It will basically be how well they pull off this event, deal with their employees and handle mishaps.
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Well put. And I totally agree that Bill micro-manages. I dont believe a boss needs to or should have his hands in everything that goes on. You must have confidence that your employees are doing their job and doing their job well until they give you reason to think otherwise. You were hired for a reason, now do your job.

I think tonight's episode will point out any flaws in Bill's execution, just as last week's did for Kwame. I think it's too early to judge who is doing the better job.

But I think Kwame made a good point in the episode last week. To paraphrase, when things started to go awry, he said he was just going to handle it and not rock the boat. There is no sense getting everybody all upset until you know all the facts, which at the time he did not.
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Aya. That's Aya spelled backwards.

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