I just tried this method last night and so far I really like it. The only thing different was my curl pattern was looser, so I was wondering if this might work with other techniques (i.e. icequeen or super-soaker). Since it isn't really a specific way of styling, I think I'm going to try it with the icequeen tonight. Also-- how wet do you mist your hair? I didn't have a water bottle so I just got my hands wet and gently patted them on my head, but I don't think I got it wet enough.

Thanks for another awesome thread!
Originally Posted by zcurlygirl
If your curl pattern was looser it's hard to say what the culprit was. Was your hair soft or did it feel dry? You really should find a water bottle you can't get all of your hair thoroughly wet by just patting it with water. You want it more then damp but not sopping wet. I think I described it earlier in the thread. I still do the Ice Queen method (sorta) for my final rinse out so that would help you with curl enhancement or the super soaker. Post back & let us know how it works out.

I think this method helps the hair soak up the conditioner better. Thanks Del!
That's the idea!
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