do u guys have any good MOISTURIZING CONDITIONERS?????(nothing that has to be purchased online)
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I co-wash with V05 Strawberries & Cream moisture milk (that stuff is awesome, and it smells good) and deep condition with Organix Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner and Castor oil.

I'm in my 6th month, and loving every minute of it. Washing my hair is no longer a chore (because I just let it air dry, and I don't have to flat iron it afterwords) and I think my hair is loving that the torture sessions (when I used to go get a perm) are over. And my wallet is loving that the stuff I use now isn't that expensive, and I don't have to go to a stylist. And I'm loving that I won't ever have to go sit in the hair salon for a couple of hours ever again From now on, the only time I go to the stylist is when I want something done that I can't do.
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thankx i have an untouched bottle of the olive oil conditioner in my closet i'll try it out with some castor oil(i never thought about adding oil)...but do u mix the castor oil with the conditioner?
or do u put on the conditioner and then put the castor oil over it?
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I put on the Castor Oil, and then Put a healthy amount of the conditioner on top. I've also started parting it and doing it by sections instead of trying to rub it through my hair in a big glop like I used to. (it's also a great way to get your de-tangling done at the same time)