I'll play!

I'm recovering from a protein disaster, so today I focused on moisture. Just did my normal wet scalp scrub, then a good dose of GFTN rinse-out. I just got a protein-free condish for leave-in (Suave Aloe & Waterlily), so I scrunched in a good handful of that, then a bit of gel (currently using a GF one, can't remember the name). It's air drying now, and hopefully it will have more life and shine and health back once it's dry!
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2ab//low porosity//fine-medium texture//thick//low elasticity
Fia: 2ab//F//iii

Co-Wash: Suave Natural Coconut
Rinse-out: SN Coconut or GFTN
Leave-in: SN Coconut
Styling: BRHG, Set It Free, HETT
Dislikes: glycerin, mineral oil
Loves: Protein!

Current Products in Trial: Renpure Organics condish (red), LAL Sports Gel, LOOB