Qualifier: This was the week of BF all..it's not like I do this ALL the time. After I posted I figured it might look as if my last name should be Rockefeller or something! LOL! Also I paid some bills early AND my ex cancelled his trip (which would have cost me money due to additional gas to p/u kids and dog food and so on for his dog) AND my sister and I agreed to not exchange gifts (her hubby is still out of work) so I found a little unexpected windfall coming in. Lest you all should think this is any sort of normal..even for me this is on the far side of excessive and far more than I would normally do Just clarifying

Of course heavily influenced by the BF sales:


Amala Cream Rinse
Amala Shampoo
Moist Condition 24/7
Cocasta Shikaki Oil

Sweet Nature by Eddie:

Large pack of all products


Shikaki Growth Elixir
Men's Ginger pomade


Gillian and Seyani butter (samples sizes as we love to try new scents. LOVE these butters!)
Honey Conditioner
Hibiscus Conditioner

Jasmine's Bath and Body:

Moisturizing Leave In (2)
Babassu Conditioner (2)
Shea conditioner

I got smaller 4oz sizes to try scents. With the BF discount it was about $28 including shipping for all!

Curl Junkie (my major BF haul!)

Beauticurls Condish and Leave In
Curls in a Bottle
Smoothing Conditioner
Curl Theory conditioner
Hibiscus and Banana Deep Fix
Hibiscus and Banana LI

I got 4 sample bottles of Kiss My Face (conditioner and upper management gel) from my local health food store--they were on clearance for 50 cents each! So $2 for the lot of them Yippee!

Also scored at my local Marshall's last night--went in and noticed they had some EO with different ingredients than are in the regular EO you can normally get from Marshall's. So I got the Sweet Orange and Honey shampoo and conditioner. I got them on clearance for $5 for the 32 oz size! Woot! This stuff is like magic on my son's hair so I'm super excited to try the new formula on him!

In my PJ defense I'll say that 3 of the orders were about $23-28 total which is where my $75 over budget went But hey there is only one BF right?
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I really want to try this. Let us know how you like it...who am I kidding of, of course you will
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