i agree ms. c,

Qhemet is missing out on sales by not including a sample or two. if i order $60 worth of products, why don't get at least one sample???

the same goes for Afroveda, Komaza and some other shops.
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+2 windflower. I asked and received a sample of darcys deep conditioner. I liked it so much that I ordered the full size. Sometimes companies are short sighted. If Afroveda would send a sample or sell a sample of the Aiishi (sp) conditioner, and I liked it, I would buy a full size of it too. But I ain't gonna pay $21.95 for something I can't return.
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i want to try that deep conditioner so badly...but i am with you. if i could only try a sample...

and i really wish Afroveda would separate her samples. i don't like sample sets...another vendor also has this setup...
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ITA with all the above. That is one thing I love about Darcy's Botanicals- the customer service and the generous samples. I wish I could have bought stuff on Black Friday but my mom was trippin.lol.
I'm gonna need Oyin to step it up and give up some samples. My last order was $80 and I searched all up in that box for a sample of somethin! A lip chap, somethin! But nothin but 1 measly piece of candy.