Thanks ladies,
anniemae~ my daughters have eczema also. my eldest has it pretty bad but as she has gotten older we see less and less of it. I dont have it though (as far as i know ) i do tend to have sensitive skin i have rosacea and i burn easy. its just funny cause since going cg my scalp has gotten better, then this happens.
it is not red it has a white thick scab over it (sorry if im grossing anyone out) when i did pick at it (the first couple days) it dident "bleed" it was just a little bit of clear fluid.
Anyways i think im just gonna do like you ladies suggested and instead of using giovanni 50/50 im going to get the TTTT. I only low poo like 2 times a month (at least that is what i did this past month) so hopefully that will help. Thanks again for the advise and support i appreciate it!!!

Mostly 3a with a little 2c around the front and 3b mixed in the back,
Fine with normal to thick hair, with low porosity
low-poo~giovanni 50/50 (1 to 2 times a month)
co-wash~TJ Nourishing Spa cond (2 to 3 times weekly for scalp)
rinse-out~TJ Nourishing Spa cond
condish TJ Nourishing Spa cond
dt~ Aubreys White Camellia cond
style~Homemade FSG!!