i used to get occasional long-lasting sores on my scalp and I came to realize that I just wasn't cleaning my scalp often enough.

With co-washing I was no longer getting oily or itchy so I thought I could go for 7 days w/o washing or rinsing my scalp.

Now I co-wash or lo-poo or water rinse every 3-4 days even if my hair doesn't seem dirty. It's the scalp more than the hair that needs to have all the congesting materials like old sloughed-off skin cells; dried product residue and the general air pollution particles and chemicals that settle on our heads throughout the day removed so that it can breathe.

Ever since I've refreshed my scalp on this time schedule, I've not had any of these sores develop. My scalp was choking and was screaming to breath and could only tell me by sending out the sores as a distress signal.

Also, you could be experiencing a transition from shampoo to co-washing since you've been doing this for about only 1 month. If you keep it up, things will get better.
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