Oh my!! you got bald spots from picking?!?
well i hope it is in a not so noticeable spot.
Well i did pick it at first but i will not be doing that anymore.
Im also gonna up on my co-washes to. hopefully that will help to

Mostly 3a with a little 2c around the front and 3b mixed in the back,
Fine with normal to thick hair, with low porosity
low-poo~giovanni 50/50 (1 to 2 times a month)
co-wash~TJ Nourishing Spa cond (2 to 3 times weekly for scalp)
rinse-out~TJ Nourishing Spa cond
condish TJ Nourishing Spa cond
dt~ Aubreys White Camellia cond
style~Homemade FSG!!