Your hair looks very healthy on that picture! I guess it was somehow humid that day. That's why your hair started to shrink.

You know what really freaks me out is the fact that i can just pull strands of hair out from my ends - that's what i call shedding. I know, we "shed" 50-100 hairs a day, but its the additional hairs that just come away with frightning ease in my hands when styling or detangling that i find problematic. Does anyone else have that issue?
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Are you sure you are actually pulling the hair out? Maybe it is already lose and just comes out because it sticks to your fingers?
Do you massage your scalp? I've just started to massage my scalp with sweet almond oil and some drops of rosemary oil. I've read somewhere that rosemary oil also stops shedding and helps with growth. is very relaxing.

V. intersting you should mention the weather. I read someting somewhere a few years ago about using products for skin and hair that are made with local/ regional ingredients because they respond better if you do. It was really interesting. I'll try and find it again and post the link.
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That's very interesting!
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