Okay, so today was an experiment day. I've had 3-4 days of stringy hair, so I decide to switch from natural products (i'm really thinking its the oils, well except for DoC) to total synthetic ones. I clarified with my Kenra, used PM Intensive moisture. I used a pea sized amt of LOOC as a leave in. Then I used my PM Round Trip mixed with PM Thicken up.

I have to say, so far ME likey!! Wow. right now I have perfect hair. Its full and bouncy and has height. However, I just took the clips out and I don't think it will last until morning. I'll have to update you guys and let you know if my hair is actually presentable. I would have to say I should do this if I'm ever going somewhere that same day.

It looks like what I think mousse *should* do to my hair.

**edit -- it did not hold up! It is a limp hot mess lol
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