I came across an almost full tub of Too Shea that I had put away during the summer when I found I needed more protein in my rinse-out than Too Shea provided.

I decided to give it another try, so I did a Spritz and Condish with it. I followed up with my standard LI, KCKT, and styled with BB FSG, topped with BRHG.

On a whim, I decided not to scrunch in my stylers this time. Instead, I smoothed and lightly raked them in, then shook my head to encourage the waves.

Now I'm sitting with clips while it air dries. It'll probably still be a bit damp when I pineapple and go to bed, so I won't know how it turns out until tomorrow.
Wavy, fine texture, med/high porosity (?), med density
2cFii on the Fia System

Current products
Low-poo: JC GLS or JC HCC
Co-wash: Suave Naturals Coconut (also do water-wash)
Rinse-out: AO GPB, Mop C Hydrating Conditioner
Leave-in: KCKT
Stylers: BB FSG, BRHG, JC Oil Blend, BB Hemp, Grapeseed, & Clary Sage Hair and Body Butter
Deep treatments: Nexxus Emergencee PT, Jessicurl WDT
Occasional ACV rinses

mod-CG since June, 2009