Alex, your bouncy ringlets are so cute!
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I looked at your pics and was like, "that's curly!!! that's not wavy!" LOL, and its all over! I do not see any funny ringlets on the bottom.

Jess -- I'm having such a hard time figuring out this whole "moisture in the winter thing". My hair has lost a lot of the wave, but the temps haven't really changed from summer. It feels like it needs more moisture, but when I give it more moisture, it just goes limp and flat.
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That's why I keep saying my hair is schizo There are days when it looks very 3B all around the area that would be covered by a headband if you put it on but didn't pull it back on top of your hair. Other days it seems barely wavy. Who knows. I think it doesn't show up. There is a ringlet on top of another ringlet on the right side so it stuck out and those damn things are stubborn--I pull them apart and w/in an hour they have migrated back together like cattle on the range during a cold winter .

I'd love the look if it was all over (like Operacurls) but it's not. I have people ask me if I use a curling iron on those if! I'm like "are you on crack--why would I do it for like 1/2 my head?"

Some people.....

Thanks though for saying it..sometimes I think I see something that's not there! LOL

And Jess I'm with you. I LOVE the smell of Oyin HH but it just does not work well. I only keep it around to smell it. I tried it as a LI as well. LOOC works fine for me if I'm careful on amount..but it made Tahia's hair VERY frizzy--VERY...and very dry too. The Shea Mango and the new Argan Oil one work very well for her hair...Did the HH work for you before? If so I'd suspect the LOOC for sure.

The new Argan Oil one is really nice..I can't find it on ground though and it kills me to pay $12 shipping for products that cost $7.50!
FIA 2c/3aFi

Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!