When people cough and sneeze around me, I feel like I've been infected with something, I hold my breath and cover my face until I feel like I am about to pass out if I can't move away, like on public transportation. My friends think it's rude but I don't care, I am protecting me. I've done this ever since I was younger, I don't like to sneeze or cough and I don't want anyone to do it around me either.

I also HATE when people lick their fingers to turn the pages of a book or magazine, honestly NASTY!!!! Especially library books, do they not realize how many hands have touched those, I often see people sneezing in books and can you imagine touching that and then licking your fingers. I'll stick with the library website, I don't borrow books from the library.
Rock your own style, dance to your own beat
BC'ed on 12/19/09, transitioned 9 month 12 days and loving every Minute.
Products LOVES:
SheaMoisture CES, Ecostyle OO, Long Aid gel, castor, Olive & jojoba oil, Shea butter, V05 Strawberry, Cream Of Nature Argan Oil treatment, Crece Pelo, Silicon Mix, NuNATT, Karite masque.

Products lines I would love to try: Miss Jessie's, KBB , Qhemets and Hairveda.