me and my curly haired good friend thats how i wear it up a lot

us again, this time with her sister who has equally curly hair! (but she straightened it that day)
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I really really love your hair ledzeppole!! It's amazing!! whats your routine?!
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awww thank you!

i wash it once a day to once every other day, depending on how it looks. i use whatever shampoo is in the shower..just not too much of it. i tried doing the CG thing but my hair wound up looking greasy so i just stopped with it.
then i soak my hair with conditioner..a lot of it. i use whatevers in the shower that my parents decide to buy lol
then i get out and get extra moisture out of my hair with some paper towels
then i put garnier fructis leave in conditioner and LA looks curl gel in my hair and i blow dry it, high heat at first but i switch to lower as it gets dryer
oh and as it gets dryer i also put got2b guardian angel spray for blow dryers.

thats pretty much it
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