I hate it when people use words like 'nauseous' wrong
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Could you give an example?

Also, I hate hate hate it when people use "genius" as an adjective, instead of "ingenious."

Suffix lesson:
-ous = adjective
-us = noun
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If you feel sick, you feel nauseated...if you are nauseous, you are making other people sick. Of course I had to go and look it up again just now and some definitions say that "nauseous" can be used when the cause of nausea is unknown, but who the heck knows that? Except for me, now.

I hate "utilize". People say it instead of "use" because it sounds all big n'stuff. "Utilize" means to use something in a way in which it was not intended- if you take a butter knife and utilize it as a screwdriver, for example. MacGyver utilized the heck out of all kinds of stuff. Your average Mr. Bighead Suit does not utilize anything.

OMG and don't get me started on commercials. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I like this thread.
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