I hate when people say "anyways" - and I hate it more when they put it in print!

This one is hard for me to describe, but I cant STAND it when someone is speaking and their voice rises (in tone, not volume) a bit at the end of the sentence. It makes everything sound like a question. Same goes for draging out the last word of their sentence. It makes my butt puckerrrrr.

Loud noises have always bothered me - it's the one stimuli that really sends me over the edge. I'm not sure which higher power is responsible for deciding that I would be a good candidate to mother twins. Twins with ADD. Really?

Along with the loud noises are the unecessary noises. Grunters, loud yawners. It's almost like invading my personal space - keep it to yourself! The absolute worst sound is when someone sniffs hard (snorts) and then closes their throat to stop the air. I can almost picture the mucus pooling in their throat. EWWWW!

When people walk around with their bluetooth stuck to their head. What the h#ll? Are you really that important?

Reading through these is cracking me up!
If you focus on the negative not only is that what you'll see, that's what you'll be.

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