But I'm a weirdo--Ive never met anybody else with an aversion to ice.
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My boyfriend hates ice, so you are not alone.
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Definitely not alone-- I, too, am ice averse. I hate hate hate ice touching my teeth or mouth. If I have a straw, or if I'm drinking a cocktail, then its okay.

I also wanted to add, when you're on a highway and need to pull off for gas/food/bathroom/whatever, and the signs tell you there's a place on whatever exit, and you find out after exited that the place is like three miles from the highway you're going to get right back on. If its not within a quarter mile of the highway, it shouldn't qualify for a highway sign. Period.
"And politically correct is the worst term, not just because it’s dismissive, but because it narrows down the whole social justice spectrum to this idea that it’s about being polite instead of about dismantling the oppressive social structure of power.
Fun Fact: When you actively avoid being “PC,” you’re not being forward-thinking or unique. You’re buying into systems of oppression that have existed since before you were even born, and you’re keeping those systems in place."