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yeah alot of people had curly hair in the film EXCEPT THE ONE WHO IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE CURLY HAIR Hermione Granger's hair is supposed to bushy and curly like in the 3b or 3c range maybe if pushing it a messy 3a. ( according to the books) but no they have to go have emma watsons hair look wavy.

im sorry for ranting but hermione's hair in the movies is just a pet peeve of mine
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They tend to polish up characters for the movies, any movies. Remember how Hermione had hugh front teeth (like a beaver) and wild bushy hair? and they gave her perfect teeth and smooth even waves (i don't think JKR actually mentioned any curls, just hte bushyness).

Ron was suppose to be skinny and tall with a large nose and nobody would call Rupert Grint's button nose anywhere near large and he isn't ridiculously lanky.

Also, harry's hair was supose to be sticking up in all directions, but they just gave him messy bangs.

I just chalk it up to plain Hollywoodification
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