Bad grammar...I find myself always "fixing" people sentences in my head..then I repeat it and get more annoyed...for example,

"they don't got no soap"
I will think "they do not have any soap"
"I just seen her"
I will think "I just saw her"

people who smack their lips while they are eating.
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Your post reminded me that I hate when people omit the 's from a word when the word is supposed to be possessive. Sorry, I think yours was just a typo though! But I have heard people say, for example, "I'm going to my mom house." It's "'s house."

Oh no you di'n't!

I double super duper hate it when someone calls and asks "is Bubba there?" because they're supposed to say, "Hello, this is Susie. May I speak to Bubba?" Then I say, "Bubba isn't here right now, may I take a message?"
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Hee...I forgot that part. Yes, I also say Hello and introduce myself first. I was just cutting to the chase in my post.

I have friends who answer their phones in a strange way, IMO. You tell me if this is normal: Ring.. Ring... Ring... "JOHNSONS!" They've taught their children this too so when anyone answers the phone at their house, they just shout out the family name. It's sort of like a business or something. I know some would say "Johnson residence", but it's just the family surname.
It's not strange to me, but it is rather abrupt and might catch a caller off guard.

But it's better than my occasional greetings: "Chello" and "American Psychiatric Association." Now, that catches people off guard. Hee.

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