I am really starting to get irritated with all the extreme abbreviating her on NC. Long product names and member usernames reduced down to just a couple letters. I simply can't keep up anymore and don't know what people are talking about half the time. Much worse than any texting I've ever seen. Bugs me.
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ME TOO. I don't like the abbreviating, but I odn't get mad at the people using it if that makes sense, I just hate trying to decode everything. Like "I just bought some CCCC and some KCCC b/c of a review from AJJ and RWC and I think it's my HG! Much better than LVPNG IMHO! My DH said it looked great too! I still want to try the QCCC from TJ's I'm such a PJ! LOL!

An exaggeration, but not a large one, some posts I can't even read!
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