My hair is fine with hard water, no build up or dryness or any other problems. It HATES softened water. I dread going on vacation or staying at anyone's house with a water softener. It loses all definition, loses curls, becomes flyaway and feels dry.
Hey, me too! My hair likes the 'extremely hard' water (according to map in above post) at my house. My fine hair doesn't like the relatively softer 'very hard' water (from map) at a relatives house. Lose curl definition, fly away, dry. Yup. Strange. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
2a ( 2bFi (Fia), very fine, thin, low/normal elasticity, porous, CG, doesn't get weighed down
Cowash: Tresemme naturals
Rinse out/leave in: Renpure Organics (red)
Curl enhancer: FSG
Gel: BRHG, Salon care aloe, Ecostyler Krystal (normal dews)
PT: ION effective care, IAgirl's gelatin PT
Low Poo: renpure (red), Ion swimmers