Oh, no, I didn't mean that you were having skin issues like that. My second paragraph was separate from my response to you. I envy those who have no issues with hard water. I and my children have eczema and hard water exacerbates it no matter what we use. We visit FL a few times a year because most of our family is there and it's always really hard on us because of how hard the water is. But the worst I've experienced was Mexico. The water was so hard that my professionally done permanent hair color, which was over a week old, came out on the towels when I washed my hair there.

lol We don't use soap either, but nothing rinses out of my hair properly when I shower in hard water. I see what you're saying about the difference between soft water and softened water. I think it might be the salt used to soften it. I've known people who feel that all soft water is slimy so I didn't think of whether there's any difference. I miss the soft water in NYC, where I grew up. Now I have to make due with a water softener, and you're right, it isn't the same!
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