Wild, I hope I didn't scare you off from coming back t get your diploma with the acceptance speech words. I was really just kidding.
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Not to worry — I've been sort of off lately and haven't done much real exercise since my last posting. I blame the weather and my inability to get my butt to the Dome at the appropriate times. But I've packed my things for tomorrow after work. Then I get my diploma!

I get that hip thing too. I've identified my problem as a mild case of bursitis. I use the pillow between my knees trick a lot. I also have a memory foam mattress topper that really, really helps.

Another thing you can do when you're sitting in bed or watching TV with your legs up is put a pillow under your knees. Does all sorts of nice things for your hips and lower back.

I like pigeon pose for it too, mama. Running actually helps loosen the hips, which is nice. Yoga can be problematic in aggravating the hips sometimes, so be gentle! The problem is it can feel really good while you're doing the stretch, but if you over do it, you'll pay for it later. [Ask me how I know. ]

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