Today was STS disk 1 (a 50 minute Chest, Bi and Shoulder endurance workout) and the extended 15 minute stretch (ahhhh).

Woosh!!! That was the sound of Mama (aka speedy) passing me by. 23 min 5K here she comes.

Mad, Why thank you. Although I cheated with the program. I started in week 5 since I didn't start from the couch. I've just always hated running, but I wanted to give it a fair shake. C25K sounded like a good start. Way to go on the 9K and I'm glad you and the family are feeling better. Did the clinic help any (and give you ideas on how to empty your wallet )

Wild, Yeah! We can graduate together this week. I'm going to research some spring 5K runs and consider doing one. Do you have plans on how you will continue after the program yet?

After this week I plan on running just 2 days a week and doing a step aerobics or equiv on day 3 and sometimes day 4. I have found I've always had at least one off day during this program, typically the middle one, so either I need more rest between running, or I have trouble with mental focus running 3 days a week. Anyone see an issue with just running twice a week, since I'm not really in full training mode or anything? I honestly think I might improve better with just 2 days a week based on my experience so far. Am I crazy? I imagine I'll need to go back to 3 days about a month prior to attempting a 5K race.
Any input from you seasoned runners?
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