Yes, I've done it. He was my best friend and had liked me for a while when I was seeing my ex. When my ex and I broke up, I turned to him, but he like another girl who was giving him th run around. Once to get back at her for something we ended having a drunken one-night stand. Everything went bad from there. We ended up not talking for almost a year, and eventually we reconcilled as friends. He did have regrets once he found out I was with someone else, but we've both changed a lot and I don't think we'd work out.

I've been the recipient of this as well, and me and this guy hooked up while I was in an off period with my ex (same ex, we had a very on again, off again relationship). It was a rebound for both of us, we had both been cheated on by our S.O.'s. It didn't work out. He had a lot of problems, and niether of us was over our S.O.'s. I got back together with my ex, but for weeks was depressed over this other guy. He ended up moving away and marrying some girl he'd only known for a couple of weeks. I still think about him from time to time.

Currently, I'm in a situation where I've developed feelings for a friend, but I'm also currently in a relationship. See my thread called "relationship-y stuff" for details.
Have several allergies and sensitivities.
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