I have also been making a similar type of conditioner for a while with similar ingredients. To clarify on the orginal post, there are some steps that were not indicated that will help in getting a smooth, cohesive conditioner.

1. If you are using glycerin, you actually add this to the water step. Glycerin is not an oil so it will not mix with the oil mix.

2. The water and the oil mix must be heated to the same temperature. Usually 165-170F. What this does is it kills any germs and then it allows for the two mixtures to blend. I find that the exact moment BTMS oil mis melts to form a clear liquid, it is exactly 170F. You can time your water mix to heat to that temp. Boiling water is 212F which is too hot to add to the oil mix. If the oil mix get to hot, your end product may not have the right texture and feel.

3. Additional thickening agents lecithin, carageen should be added to the water mix. The PEG olive oil (Olivate-7) can be added to the oil mix.

4. All preservative have a temp range which they should be added. Please pay attention to this or you might not end up with a product that is adequately preserved.

5. Any other thickeners, like xanthum gum or guar gum can be added to the water mix and heated up. This will make the water mix thick.

Note: BMTS is not actually an emulsifier. It is a conditioning agent/surfactant that is self-emulsifying, meaning that you won't need other emulsifiers if you use this product. If you use other emulsifiers in your conditioner you might not end up with a conditioner. Many emulsifiers are not surfactants so they are not going to help clean your hair. BMTS is a mild/gentle surfactant which makes it ideal of CG. If you don't want to use BMTS, you can use straight Cetearyl alcohol or cetyl alcohol as your conditioning agent and thickener. These will still give you a conditioner that is not runny. This is the problem that Mariposa was having since she did not use a thickening conditioning agent in her condish.
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