Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. I have the day off.
I got about an hour of snow shoveling in yesterday. Luckily the easterly winds off the lake warmed things up. About 10 miles west of us are the blizzard warnings. We'll only get about 6 to 8 inches of snow total here instead of up to 18".... Hopefully.

Today was W9D2. I did 33 minutes again. Monday I did 2.5 miles in that time. Today I shaved 50 seconds off that distance and did a total of 2.57 miles in 33 minutes. So quicker for me. I'm hoping or 2.65 miles in 33 minutes for Friday.

Mama, Sorry you had to miss Zumba. I've been mixing things up on my between run days. Everything from aerobic/weight circuit work, interval aerobics, plyometic aerobics (big mistake), to just upper body weight work. I'm going to go ahead and try just two days a week starting next week. I really do think it's mostly mental focus.

Off to clear some more snow before the easterly winds shift and the temps drop into the teens. Uggg I wouldn't mind except my DOMs have kicked in from yesterday's Chest, shoulders and bicep workout. Oh well, at least I didn't work my back yesterday.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!!
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