Hi I'm Jessica, and after several years of following I finally registered on this site. That's right, several years. I think this is a great site, with many great curlies contributing!

I've always worn my 3b hair natural; only occasionally have I straightened it with an iron - maybe 4 times in my life. I admit living in the U.S. with curly hair takes it's toll - like another member posted on here, people looking for models usually stipulate "no curly hair". But I've always been at peace with my hair.

My username means "the tide" (my origins are Italian) and I chose it because I think curly hair reminds me of a sea tide. Always changing, full of texture, and rarely looks the same for long. My hair is like that, but I rarely go against it. You waste energy going against the tide; and you waste energy if you fight your curly hair!

So, I'm happy to meet everyone and hope to be writing more soon!